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Raspberry Ketone

November 3, 2012
Raspberry Ketones

Millions of dollars are being profited on another unproven weight loss supplement.  Raspberry ketone  is not new, in fact the FDA acknowledged it in the mid 1960's.  Initally used for perfumes, cosmetics and food additives raspberry ketone is now marketed as a miracle weight loss supplement.  To date, no scientific studies indicate that raspberry ketone effects a  measure of human weight loss.  A few independent studies have shown visceral fat loss with mice but nothing to indicate decreases in the human body.

Even though raspberry ketone is unproven it doesn't keep manufactures from trying to make a dollar with it.  The weight loss supplement market is extremely profitable, most have fillers with a micro amount of actual advertised ingredient.  Raspberry ketone isn't any different,  even though its one the shelves of major supermarkets, pharmacies and all over the internet.  Natural raspberry ketone is rare and expensive because raspberries are seasonal but that doesn't keep manufactures from synthesizing it.

If you decide to test raspberry ketone keep in mind that it may be advertised all natural, the product may be chemically or biologically synthesized.  Carefully read the ingredients to be sure.

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